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Run Culture

I’ve never really been a fan of running and to be honest, I can’t quite understand how some people can make it a habit to run so often and even take part in long distance marathons. That was until I got immersed in the running culture thanks to a team building idea from my company.

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge was held on the 22nd Apr 2013 and we signed up for it thinking that it would be great to have our company represented at the run and also to sort of create a need for us all to make time to get fit even through we’ve all got pretty busy schedules! Now this was going to be my first running event of my life. I’ve got Jignesh on my team and well he’s a guy who seems to have had his fair share of run events and I’ve got Laura who loves running. In fact she was all set to break her own personal record.

JP Morgan Corporate-1