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XCOM Enemy Unknown Review

Second Take – XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Punishing difficulty and intense strategic action? SIGN ME UP

As a gamer who grew up in the “Playstation” era, I have always heard but not ever experience the “Old School” era where games are made punishingly difficult in order to lengthen playtimes. With the remake of XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Fireaxis, who prides this game to be as challenging and punishingly difficult as the original; I jumped on it immediately and after more than several hair pulling hours, I fell in love with this game and the difficulty that comes with it.

The premise of XCOM is simple, intergalactic life has been found and they are NOT friendly, the leaders of Earth has decided to initiate the titular XCOM project; an army of soldiers and scientist dedicated to extraterrestrial warfare. The member nations has devoted money and resources into the project and YOU are in charge of making sure they are not turned into ashes by the invading aliens.

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NBA 2K13 Review

NBA 2K13 Review

This game is a dunking good!

Let me be honest here and say, I’ve never been good at basketball virtually or in an actual court but NBA 2K13 has managed to hook me with its impressive visuals coupled with stellar gameplay elements that would appeal to both hardcore NBA fans and casual players alike. For those who do not know NBA 2K13 is currently the ONLY basketball game with an official affiliation to the NBA but instead of kicking back and enjoying the monopoly that they now have, the team at 2K games actually kept the pedal to the metal worked hard to deliver nothing less than stellar.

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2K Sports Announces NBA 2K13 Now Available

2K Sports Announces NBA 2K13 Now Available

2K Sports today announced that NBA® 2K13, the latest installment in the top-selling and top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise*, is now available for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, and Windows PC.

“NBA 2K13 represents the greatest year-to-year leap we have made in the franchise’s history,” said Greg Thomas, president of product development for 2K Sports. “Our partnership with JAY Z brought a new dynamic to the game, and really elevated it to new heights.”

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NBA 2K13 Controls Trailer

NBA 2K13 – Controls Trailer

2K Games has released another trailer for their upcoming basketball video game, NBA 2K13.

The new trailer is all about controls that players can execute up and down the court and how you can combine them to get ahead of your opponents. These include basic moves from bounce passes all the way to more impressive advance maneuvers like spin dunks or step-back jumpers that you can execute in the game.

NBA 2k13 is scheduled to be released on the 5th of October 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Wii U and Wii.


Borderlands 2 Review

Guns, guns and MORE guns

With its unique mix of childish humor, cel-shaded graphics and potential for wanton violence, the original Borderlands was THE sleeper hit of 2009; earning critical acclaim and has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide since its release.

Don’t fix what’s not broken is the mantra here as developers Gearbox Software stuck to their guns (no pun intended) and did not temper with what made Borderlands great in the first place, though the guns in the sequel did get some shiny new upgrades.

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