Singapore Takes Home Gaming Gold In Canada Cup 2012

Singapore Takes Home Gaming Gold In Canada Cup 2012

Singaporean gamers woke up to some joyous news today as our very own DM|MCZ Xian was crowned champion of the Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 at this year’s Canada Cup 2012. A fighting game tournament held over the weekends in Calgary, Canada.

Xian is renowned and feared as one of the strongest fighting game player in Singapore, while he could hold his own against strong competitors from overseas(Xian once defeated Daigo “The Beast” Umehara) Xian had never placed first in any major tournaments overseas until now. He easily blazed through the top 16 brackets kicking American player E.G Ricky Ortiz and last year’s Evo Champion Fuudo into the loser’s brackets. His victory streak ran out in the Grand Finals against Mago who had to claw his way up after being taken out by Xian himself in the Top 8 Winners bracket. He won first set in convincing fashion with his Fei Long in order to reset the brackets but Mago’s lack of experience with Gen proved to be his downfall when Xian came back with 3 straight wins to be crowned Canada Cup’s SSFIV:AE 2012′s champion.

The good news doesn’t end there, later in the day. Xian was crowned as the champion of the King Of Fighters XIII tournament where he added top American player Justin Wong and Tokido to his list of already impressive wins. Fresh off his loss in Street Fighter, Mago was given an opportunity for some payback in the early rounds of the KOF tournament but after a nail biting match, Xian emerged victorious for the third time this tournament. He took on E.G Justin Wong in the Top 8 Winners Bracket with a convincing 2-0 victory over the American. In the Grand Finals, Xian’s opponent Tokido was hungry for blood after being eliminated by Xian in the Winner’s finals but even after his change in character, he was still unable to defeat Xian. The final score was 3-1 and Xian took home another gold for Singapore.

Xian wasn’t the only Singaporean making waves over in Canada, Kaiser Sim aka DM.MCZ|Kaiser shocked the world with his stunning One Character Victory over Team Canada in the international 5v5, earning him his fair share of supporters and fans in the process.

We here at Popculture Online would like to congratulate Team DM on their impressive win.


Reported by Chen KangYi