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I’ve never really been a fan of running and to be honest, I can’t quite understand how some people can make it a habit to run so often and even take part in long distance marathons. That was until I got immersed in the running culture thanks to a team building idea from my company.

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge was held on the 22nd Apr 2013 and we signed up for it thinking that it would be great to have our company represented at the run and also to sort of create a need for us all to make time to get fit even through we’ve all got pretty busy schedules! Now this was going to be my first running event of my life. I’ve got Jignesh on my team and well he’s a guy who seems to have had his fair share of run events and I’ve got Laura who loves running. In fact she was all set to break her own personal record.

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Leading up to the event was a month of intensive training where we joined the running club and also took time out of our regular personal schedules just to put in a 4 to 5km run every alternate day. I found that it’s easier to run with someone else because it sort of pushes you to run fast and do better. You know how it is when you’re running alone, that “lazy” effect starts to creep in. You hear in a voice in your head saying “you’re tired, just walk, take it easy”. Gosh I hate when that happens.

Anyway fast forward a month and I was ready! Laura like the competitive runner that she was, squeezed her way through the enormous crowd to the front of the race! She was all set and raring to go with about 16,000 other participants behind her. I was somewhere near the area in front of One Fullerton Hotel. Not quite in full competitor mode but I was definitely in the thick of the action.

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I gotta say the heat was pretty brutal and it did take it’s toll on many other participants as well but like in all races the important thing is to keep going! To keep pushing yourself toward the finish line and I did. It was also nice being along side so many other runners. I even noticed some urging their friends on and there were some who were couples as well. I suppose it’s like the saying goes, the couple who exercises together, stays together….or something like that. Haha!


Well I might not have done as well as I hoped but this has been a real eye opening experience for me and I do understand the run culture a little better now. I see why people like to get into running for sport though personally I still prefer swimming but you know, I’d do it again. I think maybe a little bit of Laura has rubbed off on me because I’m looking forward to my next running event and to do better as well! Hmmmm, I smell an inner competitor brewing.

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