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Red Bull Racing Sebastien Buemi

Red Bull Racing test and reserve driver Sebastien Buemi made an appearance at the Infiniti Racing Adventures event at Infiniti showroom where he took on guests in a simulator challenge hosted by Elliott Danker. The event also gave guests an opportunity to network and view a fashion show featuring Red Bull Racing apparel, Red Bull Racing Eyewear, Casio Edifice and Baby G watches, Pepe Jeans as well as Geox shoes.

We manage to sit down with him for a couple of minutes to find out about his favourite circuit and the aspects of being a test and reserve driver.

Tell us more about the aspects of being a test and reserve driver and how important is it to the team?

Sebastien Buemi: I think it’s really important. First of all the team has to have a really good reserve driver if something happens you know when you’re fighting for the championship like Red Bull is at the moment, you’ve got to grab all the points in every race and if you don’t have a good reserve driver then if something happens you may not be able to get those points which makes a big difference towards the end of the season. The biggest thing right now for the reserve driver is the simulator work. We spend days trying to improve the car on the simulator because testing is prohibited so we have to find another solution to keep improving the car.

Of all the places you’ve traveled, which is your favourite circuit?

Sebastien Buemi: That’s a difficult question because in terms of circuit itself I would say Suzuka (Japan) and Spa (Belgium) are the nicest circuits to drive on but you know race weekends are all about atmosphere, circuit and racing so it’s a combination really. Singapore definitely has one of the best atmospheres of the season and so I really enjoy coming back here all the time!

Speaking of Singapore, what do you think of the Marina Bay Street Circuit?

Sebastien Buemi: I think it’s a great circuit but it’s definitely quite hard for the drivers and it’s one of the toughest race of the season. It’s always really hot and quite bumpy and demanding as well because the race is really long, it always hits close to the limit of 2 hours. All in all it makes for a really good circuit and challenge for the drivers.

What do you think is the key to winning in Singapore?

Sebastien Buemi: Here you need a lot of downforce, the top speed is not so important but you need a lot of downforce on the car in order to be able to break late, carry the speed into the corners, accelerate early as well. Downforce will be the key to success here and also the management of the tires because we know we’re racing with the Pirellis and we know that we’ve got to keep the tires alive.

Infiniti Racing Adventures, Sebastien Buemi images courtesy of Wearnes Automotive Singapore