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Over the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 weekend, Elliott Danker had the chance to speak to Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner. He spoke about returning to Singapore, the struggles they’ve face this season and the combination of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

Welcome back to Singapore Christian, how have you found it here so far?

Christian Horner: It’s always enjoyable to come back to this race, we’ve managed to win it for the first time last year with Sebastian Vettel which was fantastic for the whole team! We’re right in the thick of the championship battle now and it’s important to get a strong result in Singapore. It’s great to be back in the atmosphere of Singapore and back under the lights.

You’ve had some struggles this season, do you think it’s been a bit of a disaster?

Christian Horner: Well there was a very big regulation change over the winter. Not only in the way the exhaust affects the diffuser but also to the front wing and that I think hurt our car more than any other in the pit lane. It’s taken us a while to recover from that and we’re still in that process but we’ve managed to win in Monaco, in Silverstone and in Bahrain this year, we’re leading the Constructors Championship and our drivers are still right in the hunt for the Driver’s Championship so it’s been far from a disaster.

With Mark Webber renewing for the 2013 season, do you think that this combination at Red Bull is the best ever?

Christian Horner: They’re a strong combination, they push each other hard. What Sebastian’s achieved is quite remarkable during the last few years for somebody so young and I’m sure we’re yet to see the best of him. He’s still getting  better at developing as a driver. I think he’s driven extremely well this year as has Mark. We’re very fortunate to have 2 such quality drivers in the team.

Update: Sebastian Vettel went on to Win the Singapore Grand Prix for the second straight year