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McLaren Singapore proudly presents ‘In the Driver’s Seat’: A driving experience with the 12C Spider and 12C Coupé

McLaren Singapore recently rounded up a weekend driving event that allowed participants to sample the inner-workings of the McLaren world, direct from the driver’s seat. For the first time since its unveiling on 12th December 2012, the 12C Spider made its debut on the circuit.

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Held at Changi Exhibition Centre, under the guidance of experienced driving instructors, invitees get to experience the 12C Spider or Coupé on a course specially designed to demonstrate the supercars’ capabilities. Comprising high-speed directional changes, slaloms, chicanes as well as braking stretches, the circuit will provide drivers the opportunity to savour the dynamic performance and handling of the McLaren cars.

With this event, they hope to bring together McLaren and supercar enthusiasts to enjoy the camaraderie inspired by the motoring passions of the founder, Bruce McLaren.

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Through the integration of 50 years of Formula 1 racing expertise and knowledge, and 20 years of heritage in producing landmark sports cars, McLaren designs, develops and builds technologically advanced, ground breaking supercars. The connection between Formula 1 and road cars at McLaren is a natural progression of experience, knowledge, principles and process transfer.

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To support the development, engineering and manufacture of its range of innovative and highly acclaimed sports cars, McLaren Automotive has also recently partnered with Pirelli. As the exclusive tyre technology supplier to McLaren Automotive, Pirelli will develop future cutting-edge tyre technologies for McLaren road cars as well as combine its expertise with McLaren to develop new and exciting technologies together. Pirelli is also the exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to McLaren with its P Zero and P Zero Corsa tyres.

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