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Run Culture

I’ve never really been a fan of running and to be honest, I can’t quite understand how some people can make it a habit to run so often and even take part in long distance marathons. That was until I got immersed in the running culture thanks to a team building idea from my company.

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge was held on the 22nd Apr 2013 and we signed up for it thinking that it would be great to have our company represented at the run and also to sort of create a need for us all to make time to get fit even through we’ve all got pretty busy schedules! Now this was going to be my first running event of my life. I’ve got Jignesh on my team and well he’s a guy who seems to have had his fair share of run events and I’ve got Laura who loves running. In fact she was all set to break her own personal record.

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Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013 RK DESIGN Corvette ZR1

10 Noteworthy Cars At The Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013

One of the main highlight of any car show are the masterfully tuned cars with their sleek bodykits that you do not get to see often on the streets. Yet with games such as Need For Speed and movies such as the every popular Fast and Furious series, even in a country where the rules on car modifications are very strict, there is still quite a sizable fan base for such cars. The Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013 is no different and our very own resident car lover Alex Tan shares with us 10 of these cars that caught his attention.

1. RK DESIGN Corvette ZR1

Tokyo Auto Saloon Singapore 2013 RK DESIGN Corvette ZR1

This is an amazing car that’s currently not available in Singapore which adds to its appeal. With a engine capacity of 6200cc and 638 horse power, This is one slick machine will get you to places real fast.
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Gaming festival PAX comes to Asia Pacific in 2013

Gaming festival PAX comes to Asia Pacific in 2013

The largest gaming consumer expo in North America will be heading to the Asia Pacific region in 2013, making its debut in Melbourne Australia. PAX is the ultimate gaming festival, providing fans of video games, computer games, and table top games a chance to come together and celebrate all things gaming.

PAX AUS 2013 Poster

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) will not just give Australians, but all gamers within the Asia Pacific region, the chance to play some of the latest and upcoming games, participate in tournaments and competitions, check out international geek musicians, and listen to industry expert panels.

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F1 Drivers Roll Into Town

It was an action packed weekend at the end of September as Singapore hosted it’s fifth Singapore Grand Prix. One of the highlights for many fans is a chance to get up close and personal with their favourite drivers.

Elliott Danker had the chance to do just that in this document of the events leading up to the Singapore Grand Prix

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Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop

Held In response to the recent abandonment of pets over the Chinese New Year period and continued media stories on adoption efforts, stray and homeless dogs in Singapore, the National Geographic Channel has partnered four dog shelters to hold the largest ever dog-adoption drive in Singapore.

Kenneth Wong braves the rainy Saturday morning to cover the event that is close to his heart being the owner of a silky terrier himself.

Held at the Dalbergia Green, East Coast Park, the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop event is organised by the National Geographic Channel with representatives from the pet industry and 4 dog shelters coming together to champion a very noble cause.

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